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Product Lineup

Precision Micromachining Center

For reducing a cycle time and making accurate performance, DA300 has highdynamic motion control based on a rigid enough structure and equip with reliable units, i.e. spindle, ATC magazine, coolant system etc.


Shorter cycle time

  • Standard 20000 min-1 spindle
  • From 0 min-1 to 20000 min-1 :
    1.5 sec
    Rigid tapping :
    Max. 6000 min-1
  • 1G Acceleration:
    high speed positioning
  • Faster tool changing time
  • Vision B.T.S. :
    To detect tool breakage at outside of machining area

Higher Productivity with accuracy

  • Structure:
    Rigid enough structure with minimizing inertia of moving units
  • Reliability:
    Center trough for higher chip evacuation
    Arrangements of cover design for chips/coolant managements
  • Operability:
    It allows easy access to the table, as well as easy workpiece loading.
  • Effective floor space
◎ Vision B.T.S.
The Vision B.T.S. is tool breakage system with CCD camera.
It is located in the ATC magazine where it can quickly access the condition of the cutting tool with no impact to cycle time. With each tool check, the Vision B.T.S. system captures a silhouette of the cutting tool and holder. The a40 utilizes this data to provide additional productivity advantages that help to reduce cycle time.
  • Detection time: +0.1 sec

The Vision B.T.S.


Main specifications

Travels(X×Y×Z) 450×620×500 mm
Travels(A) 150 deg(+30 - −120 deg)
Travels(C) 360 deg
Size of table φ 300 mm
Maximum workpiece size (dia×height) 450×400 mm
Payload 250 kg
Spindle speeds 50 - 20000 min-1
Spindle taper HSK-A63
Rapid traverse (X, Y, Z) 60000 mm/min
Rapid traverse (A) 36000 deg/min
Rapid traverse (C) 54000 deg/min
Tool storage capacity 60 tools

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