Corporate Profile
1937 May
Tsunezo Makino establishes the Manufacturing Division of Makino Shoten, specializing in the manufacture of No. 1 type vertical milling machines.
1942 March
The company name is changed to Makino Vertical Milling Machine Works.
1951 May
Reorganized as a joint stock company, capitalized at 3 million yen.
1953 April
Develops a super-precision universal cutter & tool grinder.
1958 March
Develops the K-Series of top-selling vertical milling machines. Develops Japan's first NC milling machine.
1961 April
The company name is changed to Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.
1964 July
Makino is listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, capitalized at 200 million yen.
1966 October
Develops Japan's first machining center.
1967 June
Atsugi Works begins operations following completion of the first phase of construction.
1971 August
Makino is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges, capitalized at 1 billion yen.
1972 August
Develops a transfer line (FMS) consisting of adaptive control machining centers.
1976 September
Develops the FNC-A Series of vertical machining centers.
1977 February
Establishes Makino Technical Service Co., Ltd.
1978 September
Establishes Makino Lease Co., Ltd.
Acquires an equity interest in Heidenreich & Harbeck Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik GmbH in Germany and launches local production (currently Makino Europe GmbH).
1981 September
Purchases LeBlond Machine Tool Company in the U.S., changes the name to LeBlond Makino Machine Tool Company and launches local production (currently Makino Inc.).
1982 November
Develops the DMS Commercial Automatic Die and Mold Machining System.
1986 May
Develops the Module MMC (Makino Machining Complex).
1987 November
Fuji Katsuyama Plant is completed and begins operations.
1990 October
Makino R&D Center is newly established.
1993 October
Establishes Makino J. Co., Ltd.
1994 March
Establishes Makino Wiring Co., Ltd.
1999 September
Develops the V33 vertical machining center.
2001 November
Develops the a51 horizontal machining center.
2003 May
Develops the SP43 and SP64 high-speed wire electrical discharge machines.
2005 October
Develops the V99 vertical machining center.
2006 June
Develops the EDAC1 Precision NC Electrical Discharge Machine.
2007 October
Opens technical center in Bratislava (Slovakia).
2008 February
Adds assembly plant for large-size machines to Fuji Katsuyama Works and starts operations.
Develops the D500 5-axis vertical machining center.
2009 January
Develops the MAG/A7 large-size horizontal machining center for aerospace component.
Develops the iQ300 Precision Micromachining Center.
2010 May
Opens R&D center in Singapore.
Develops the MAG/T2 horizontal machining center for aerospace component.
2011 September
Develops the D300 5-axis vertical machining center.
2013 April
Develops the D800Z 5-axis vertical machining center.
Develops the MAG/T1 5-axis machining center for aerospace component.
Atsugi factory No.3 begins operations.