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Product Lineup

Wire electrical discharge machines UPV-3 / UPV-5

Product Top Machining Accuracy Specs
Machining Accuracy
Surface finish : 0.2μmRz SPG Ⅱmachining circuit
The SPG II machining circuit generates micro pulses that work to enhance the best surface finish and machining accuracy.
Under standard machining conditions, the UPV machines deliver a surface finish of 0.2 μm Rz, which is required for the cutting blades of die plates used in precision metal stamping operations.
V-Corner : Shape accuracy: ±0.5 μm (actual measured value)
Wire feed delay and material removal are automatically controlled to machine precise shapes and corners with exacting accuracy. Excellent shape accuracy maintains uniform clearance between the die and punch, thereby extending die service life.
GS-Cut : Straightness: 0.5 μm (one side) (actual measured value)
Punches are machined with superb accuracy and very little straightness error, making it possible to eliminate burrs on precision stamped products.
Workpiece material: Tungsten carbide (G5)
Wire used: 0.2 mm dia. brass wire
Plate thickness: 20 mm
No. of machining passes: 10
Surface finish: 0.2 μm Rz
Key Technology
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