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Product Lineup

Wire electrical discharge machines U1310

Product Top Machining Accuracy Specs
Machining Accuracy
Yet the U1310 is a large wire EDM machines, it is superb performance that compares favorably with that of small wire EDM machines.
· Shape accuracy :±3μm(Actual value)
· Pitch accuracy:± 5μm( Actual value )
· Straightness :one side 15μm ( Actual value )- ( one side ) Plate thickness 500mm、1st cut
· Best surface finish : Rz 3μm ( Actual value )

Workpiece material: SKD-11
Plate thickness: 50mm
No. of machining passes: 5 times
Indicator :Taylor Hobson Form Talysurf
· Roundness : 2.8μm( Actual value )
Scale 5μm
· Hinges for ladders of private jets : 500 mm
Key Technology
GScut H.E.A.T Hyper i

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