Product Lineup
Vertical MC

iQ Series
Machine Features & Applications Axis Travels (mm)
iQ300 The iQ300 is designed for precision machining of tiny part geometries, such as mobile phones, digital devices, medical equipment and optical components, among other products, in various fields at the productive levels expected by the manufacturer. It is capable of accurately machining parts that are continually becoming smaller in size yet more advanced in functionality. 400 x 350 x 200
iQ500 High accuracy requirements achieved at cost effective, practical cutting feedrates.For precision micromachining of optical part molds and larger automotive lens. 600 x 500 x 300

V Series
Machine Features & Applications Axis Travels (mm)
V22 Superior cutting capabilities and thoroughgoing reduction of vibration, tool deflection and thermal distortion. (Ideal for machining small precision workpieces such as the molds of mobile phone/digital camera components, IC molds, connectors and engineering plastics) 320 x 280 x 300
V33i Extension of XY axis travels and further improvements everywhere, including the spindle at the heart of the machine, while continuing the superior construction and performance that hallmark V33 machines.
Best for machining small and precision dies and molds.
650 x 450 x 350
V56i Having high-accuracy machine construction, ideal for machining small and medium-size dies and molds. 900 x 550 x 450
V77/V77L Micron order accuracy achieved ever with Y-axis dimension of 700 mm, and maximum table load of 2.5 tons. 1,200/1,500 x 700 x 650
V99 Largest machine in the V Series of vertical machining centers. Continues the outstanding features of the V Series, including high-speed, high-accuracy machining and a rigid machine construction. Ideal for machining large plastic molds and other products requiring high accuracy. Completely designed for ease of operation, with outstanding access to the spindle and workpiece. 1,500 x 1,000 x 800
V99L Field-proven capabilities for machining large plastic molds and press dies for auto parts. 2,000 x 1,000 x 800

Machine Features & Applications Axis Travels (mm)
FB127 Provide high accuracy in 2-D long hour machining operation. 1200 x 700 x 450