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Product Lineup

Vertical Machining Centers FB127

Product Top Spindle Machine Construction
Accuracy & Temperature Control High Accuracy Machining Specs
High Accuracy Machining
Thorough reduction of the machine's self-generated heat to ensure high accuracy
Compared with other Makino machining centers of the same size, static accuracy tolerances were tightened by reducing the allowable range from one-half to one-third. Column stiffness in particular has been substantially increased. In addition, an ultra-high accuracy bed grinder has been installed along with a dedicated ultra-high accuracy table finishing machine developed in-house and a dedicated precision machining center for the lubricating oil reservoir.

Positioning (with scale feedback)
±0.0015 mm /overall length
Repeatability (with scale feedback)
±0.001 mm /overall length
( X Axis ) 3μm/1000 mm
( Y Axis ) 2.5μm/overall length
( Z Axis ) 2.5μm/overall length
3μm/500 mm
Key Technology
Spindle core cooling/under race lubrication GI.4

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