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Product Lineup

Vertical Machining Centers FB127

Product Top Spindle Machine Construction
Accuracy & Temperature Control High Accuracy Machining Specs
A high-speed spindle specifically developed in-house
A high-quality spindle for polishing-free machining of dies and molds
Makino's high-speed spindles boast an overwhelming record of shipments to date. Makino's commitment to in-house development of spindles that serve as the heart of machining centers is unmatched by any other machine tool maker.
With minimal deflection and vibration, the spindle ensures precision surface finishes of uniformly high quality.
Only Makino machining centers feature a spindle core cooling system that keeps the spindle temperature constant regardless of the operating conditions. This system suppresses spindle growth due to heat generation and spindle deflection resulting from variation in the pre-pressure applied to the bearings.
The difference in the surface finish is obvious at a glance. Makino's high-quality spindle delivers polishing-free product surfaces, adjustment-free parting lines and no level differences between areas machined with different tools.
Key Technology
Spindle core cooling/under race lubrication GI.4

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