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  MiiTime MillTime5
Vertical Machining Centers V22, V22-5XB, V33, V33i, V33i-5XB, V56, V56i, V56i-5XB, V77, V77L, V99, V99L, D300, D500, FB127, iQ300
Horizontal Machining Centers a51, a51-5XU, a51nx, a61, a61-5XR, a61nx, a61nx-5E,
a71, a71-5XR, a81, a81-5XR, a81M, a81M-5XR,
a82, a82-5XR, a82M, a82M-5XR, a92, a92-5XR, BH50,
A66E-5XD, A99E, A100E,
MCC1513, MCC2013, MCC2013VG, MCC2513, MCC2516, MCC2516VG, MCC3016, MCC3016VG, MCC3018,
MCD1516-5XA, MCD1816, MCD2016, MCD2016-5XA, MCD2516, MCD2516-5XB, MCD2518,
MAG1, MAG3, MAG3.H, MAG3.EX, T2, T4
MCD1513, MCD2016-5XB, MCD2018, MCD3016  - 

* MillTime is available only for machines equipped with the control unit Professional 5.

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