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Knowing accurate machining time leads to the next!
Machining Time Estimation Software
MillTime / MillTime5
  • MillTime is the software to estimate machining time according to NC programs. It can run on Windows-based computers.
  • It performs motion analysis of acceleration, deceleration, and feedrate based on the speed control theory of the NC unit and can accurately estimate machining time of NC programs even with successive minute travel.

Effects of Introduction

Accurately knowing machining completion time...
  • Eliminates the need for frequent check whether machining is completed or not.
  • Allows immediate setup for the next machining process after the completion of machining.
  • For electrode machining, clarifies the time to transfer to electrical discharge machining.
  • Relieves irritation, such as “Still not completed”.
Accurately knowing machining time...
  • Allows setting of machining schedule considering break time and quitting time.
  • Clarifies machining start time to meet the transfer time for the next process.

Windows is the trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States.

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