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◎ Controller Professional 6
Advanced control technology: Smart GI solution
GI milling
Tolerance amount at the corner section of the tool path can be defined. Allows the user to define a corner rounding tolerance for milling paths. GI Milling allows the machine control to smooth out abrupt direction changing motion with contoured curves that produce fluid 2D milling motion, while maintaining programmed feed rates. Accordingly, the corner section movement can be made smoothly with maintenance of specified federates.
GI drilling
Exclusive fixed-drilling machining cycle connected with an arc-like path between holes with a programmed pattern. A dedicated canned drilling cycle that allows the machine to arc between holes in a programmed pattern. The arc motion reduces the total distance traveled and allows the machine to maintain a faster traverse rate between features.
The total travel distance is decreased by an arc motion, which enables to maintain the fast feedrates when doing a required positioning for drilling between the same patterns.
*Available machine: Please inquiry to Makino
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