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Product Lineup

Horizontal Machining Centers a92

Product Top Spindle Machine Construction Chip Removal Operating Ease Specs
A high-torque spindle ideal for machining tough-to-cut materials
This spindle generates 1,009 N-m of torque, exceptionally high torque for a gearless construction that integrates the spindle and the rotor of the drive motor. It fully demonstrates its remarkable performance in jobs requiring extremely high torque output, such as when machining parts made of titanium, cast iron, stainless steel and other materials.
Spindle speed range
 20 - 8,000 min-1
Spindle drive motor (15 min/cont.)
 37/30 kW
Spindle bearing inner/outer diameter
 120/180 mm
Spindle starting time
(8,000 min-1 / 4,000 min-1)
 4.3/1.5 sec
Spindle torque characteristic
(25% ED/cont.)
 1,009/504 N-m
Key Technology

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