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Product Lineup

Horizontal Machining Centers a82

Product Top Spindle Chip Removal Operating Ease Specs
The spindle accelerates quickly to its top speed of 10,000 min-1 in just 2.4 sec. Moreover, because it facilitates rigid tapping at 2,500 min-1, it is effective in shortening machining times for large-volume parts.

Spindle speed range
 20 - 10,000 min-1
Spindle drive motor (standard)
 30/25 kW
(15 min/cont.)
Spindle bearing inner/outer diameter
 110/170 mm
Spindle starting time
 3.8 sec(10,000 min-1)
 1.4 sec(5,000 min-1)
Spindle torque characteristic
 488/304 N-m
(25% ED/cont.)
Key Technology

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