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Product Lineup

Horizontal Machining Center

Purpose-built for die cast aluminum parts production.


  • Chip management
    Reliability is maximized by new technologies.
  • Its agility is equal to the small machine although the #40 taper machine.

<12,000 min-1spindle (standards specificatioin)>

Spindle acceleration time:
0.45 sec (From 0 to 12,000 min-1)
Rigid tapping: 6,000 min-1
Output: 22 kW (10 %ED)
Torque: 91.3 N・m (10%ED)
The new technologies are improved reliability to the maximum.
Broken Tool Sensor Vision B.T.S. [PATENTED] Detection time: +0.1 sec・Maximum measurement tool diameter:φ 63 mm

Vision B.T.S. is tool breakage system with CCD camera.

Main specifications

Travels(X×Y×Z) 560×640×640 mm
Size of pallet 400×400 mm
Maximum workpiece size (D×H) φ630×900 mm
Maximum workpiece weight 400 kg
Spindle Speed 50〜12000 min-1
Spindle taper hole 7/24 taper No. 40
Feedrate Rapid (X, Y, Z) 60000 mm/min
Feedrate (X, Y, Z) 1〜60000 mm/min
Tool storage capacity 40 tools
Maximum tool diameter φ70 mm (with limitation)
φ170 mm (without limitation)
Maximum tool length 360 mm
Maximum tool weight 8 kg

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