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Product Lineup

Horizontal Machining Center a120nx

It has a revolutionary effect in machining of large parts such as cylinder block and head of in-line 6-cylinder diesel engines. High-speed machining and accuracy are both achieved by adopting a highly rigid bed structure and placing all movable parts (X, Y, and Z motions) inside the three-point support.


Agility and high torque spindle

High torque 8,000 min-1 spindle (standard specification)

Acceleration 3.4 sec.
Deceleration 3.0 sec.
Rapid traverse 54000 mm/min
Torque 1202 N・m / 553 N・m
(10%ED / cont.)
Output 55 kW / 37 kW
(25%ED / cont.)

Wide machining area

workpiece size
2100 mm × 1800 mm (D×H)
workpiece weight
3000 kg
(option: 5000 kg)
Size of pallet 1000×1000 mm
(option: 1250×1000 mm)
Agility and high torque spindle

ATC magazine

It supports large-diameter/long heavy tools, allowing efficient machining of large workpieces.

Large-diameter tool (Maximum tool diameter φ356 mm)
Heavy tool (Maximum tool weight 35 kg , Max. tool moment 50 N・m)
Long tool (Maximum tool length 900 mm)

Main specifications

Travels (X×Y×Z) 1900 × 1600 × 1700 mm
Size of pallet 1000 × 1000 mm
Maximum workpiece weight 3000 kg、5000 kg*
Spindle speed 20〜8000 min-1
Spindle taper hole 7/24 taper No.50 , HSK-A100*
Rapid traverse (X, Y, Z) 54000 mm/min
Tool storage capacity 204 tools


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