Product Lineup
Graphite milling machine
V Series
Machine Features & Applications Axis Travels (mm)
V22 GRAPHITE Outstanding cutting capabilities and thoroughgoing reduction of vibration, tool deflection and thermal distortion. Ideal for manufacturing graphite electrodes quickly. 320 x 280 x 300
V33i GRAPHITE This machine is the graphite version of Makino's V33i vertical machining center that is highly acclaimed on the shop floor for delivering superior machined surface quality. It can quickly machine graphite electrodes with a high-quality surface finish. 650 x 450 x 350
V56i GRAPHITE For high-accuracy dry machining of graphite electrodes used in producing aluminum die cast dies and deep cavity dies/molds. 900 x 550 x 450
V77 GRAPHITE Provides micron-order accuracy for workpieces with a Y-axis dimension of 700 mm and weighing up to 2.5 tons. Ideal for graphite machining of medium-size to large workpieces. 1,200 x 700 x 640