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Product Lineup

NC Electrical Discharge Machines

Supporting large molds with a deep dimension (Y-axis 1150 mm)


Rib machining time is shortened (HS-Rib) with 20 m / min jump speed

The HS-Rib specification remarkably enhancing the efficiency of rib machining which has many in the core side of large plastic molds was standardly equipped.
HS-Rib is a function which cools the ball screw of the Z-axis, controls distortion by thermal, and enables a high speed (20 m/min) jump. It discharges removed chips efficiently and shortens machining time.

Machining example: Cross-rib machining

Compared with a conventional 5 m/min jump, it is shortened time by 35%.

Electrode: Graphite PO CO EDM3
Workpiece material: SKD61
Depth: 32 mm
Machining time: 121 min. (conventionally 189 min.)
Surface finish: Ra 1.1 μm

◎ Hyper i

  • Menu screens "Program", "Setup", "Operation" is displayed along workflow.
  • Graphical screen allows users to know the points to be set at a glance.
  • Display can be enlarged and reduced freely by the same operation as smart phones and tablet.

  • Optimum machining conditions can be easily set just by entering minimum data such as workpiece size and surface roughness.
  • Desired items can be searched easily by built-in electrical manual.

  • "E-tech doctor" gives you advise about optimum machining conditions just by answering simple questions.
  • When an alarm occurs, the corresponding item of the operation manual is directly indicated.

Main specifications

Travels(X×Y×Z) 1700×1150×800 mm
Work tank inner dimensions(X×Y×Z) 2500×1600×800 mm
Payload 10000 kg
Max. electrode weight 100kg (The maximum jump speed: 16 kg)

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