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Product Lineup

Sinker Electrical Discharge Machines EDAC1

Product Top Machining Accuracy HEAD Shuttle Electrode Guide Specs
High Precision Hole Pitch Machining
High precision hole pitch machining is possible with the ATC.
< Machining Data >
Number of holes:
150 (pitch: 0.2 mm)
Diameter of electrodes used:
0.1 mm copper pipe electrodes
Workpiece material:
Ultra hard (G3)
Workpiece thickness:
2 mm
Electrode wearout length:   2 mm
Electrode wearout rate: 100%
Hole diameter: 0.12 mm ±0.005 mm
Pitch accuracy: ±0.002 mm
Electrodes used: 3
(Actual results in the environment in our factory.)
Key Technology
EDcam IES Hyper i

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