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Product Lineup

NC Electrical Discharge Machines EDBV3/EDBV8

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  • High efficiency machining
  • Specs

High efficiency machining

Diffuser: 24 seconds, Hole: 6 seconds

- Uses off-the-shelf pipe electrodes
With water working fluid and under the machining condition with high electrode wear ratio (100%), machining time can be reduced in comparison with the conventional method.
- A / B axis rotary table
It allows machining at any angle. Special electrodes are not necessary.
- Break through detection function
This function detects penetration of the pipe electrode through the machined portion to prevent accidental machining of the opposite wall.
- Shuttle Electrode Guide (Patented)
The method to exchange the electrode holder and positioning guide simultaneously is adopted and the exchange speed is increased more than four times faster than the conventional method.


Workpiece material: Ni based alloy (inconel 718)
Electrode used: 0.45 dia. pipe electrode
Plate thickness: 5 mm (diffuser 1 mm, hole 4 mm)
※Photo: EDBV3

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