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Product Lineup

NC Electrical Discharge Machines EDAF2 / EDAF3

Product Top Super Spark Technology Specs
Super Spark Technology
Super Spark Technology is crystallization of MAKINO EDM technology. This technology controls electrical discharging at will and includes all elements which are "Accuracy", "Speed", "Stability", "low wear", "Ecology".
<Step machining>
Arc-free technology
Graphite electrode low-wear machining

Makino advance servo control and machining technology prevents the generation of arcing (abnormal discharge). Maintaining low wear electrode independently from the discharge area.
Electrode : Gr
No. of electrod : 1
Electrode dimension reduction : 0.2 mm (side)
Workpiece : STAVAX
Depth of cut : 35 mm
Machining time : 2h 30min
Key Technology

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