Product Lineup
5-axis Vertical Machining Centers
Machine Features & Applications Axis Travels (mm)
DA300 For reducing a cycle time and making accurate performance, DA300 has high dynamic motion control based on a rigid enough structure and equip with reliable units, i.e. spindle, ATC magazine, coolant system etc. 450 x 620 x 500
V80S Newly developed spindle and tilting / rotating axis unit are so compact and light that its axis-feed motion is agile and smooth.That shortens greatly machining time and polishing time. 1300 x 1000 x 600
V90S 2000 x 1300 x 800

D Series
Machine Features & Applications Axis Travels (mm)
D200Z This machining center pursues the machining surface quality equal to or higher than that obtained by 3-axis machines with simultaneous 5-axis machining. 350 x 300 x 250
D300 Optimum to high-mix low-volume production such as optics, medical, semiconductors, airplanes, and molds 300 x 500 x 350
D500 D500 proposes a definitive solution for maximizing the benefits of 5-axis machining, not only for machining parts and prototype parts but also for machining aerospace parts and dies/molds. 550 x 1000 x 500
D800Z It can load a large workpiece 1000 mm in diameter and 1200 kg and improves operating efficiency.
In addition, it realizes smooth and sharp motion as well as machining with high accuracy.
1200 x 1100 x 650

V Series
Machine Features & Applications Axis Travels (mm)
V33i-5XB Ideal for concentrating the machining processes of multiface machining jobs and intricately shaped parts. 650 x 325 x 350