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Product Lineup

Precision Micromachining Center

This machining center pursues the machining surface quality equal to or higher than that obtained by 3-axis machines with simultaneous 5-axis machining.


Technologies enabling simultaneous 5-axis machining

  • Lightweight mobile unit capable of following rotary axis operation without delay
  • Motion control optimizing simultaneous 5-axis operation
  • Manufacturing technology correctly reflecting static accuracy of machine


  • Newly developed rigid 30,000 min-1 spindle (spindle core cooling)
  • Bridge-structured column is unaffected by environmental temperature change
  • Non-collision spindle (Collision safe guard)

Space saving

  • Floor space reduced by about 30% compared to Makino's V33i-5XB



Main specifications

Travels(X×Y×Z) 350×300×250 mm
Travels(B) 91 deg(0 - +91 deg)
Travels(C) 360 deg
Size of table dia. 300 mm
Maximum workpiece size(dia×height) dia. 300×210 mm
Payload 75 kg
Spindle speeds 300 - 30000 min-1
Spindle taper HSK-E50
Rapid traverse(X, Y, Z) 60000 mm/min
Rapid traverse(B) 36000 deg/min
Rapid traverse(C) 54000 deg/min
Tool storage capacity 21 tools

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