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Product Lineup

5-Axis Machining Center MAG3.EX

MAG3.EX is 5-axis machining center, its power and speed are totally enhanced.


Standard high power spindle of 130 kW

The compact spindle with A/C axis is given high metal removal performance by 130 kW motor in combination with the latest technologies such as heat-cooling.
Spindle load during machining is monitored in real time. Its state-of-the-art sensing technology protects the spindle from damage caused by overload.

Spindle speeds 500 - 33000 min-1
Spindle taper HSK-F80
Output characteristics 130 kW (cont.)
Torque characteristics 37.6 N・m (33000min-1) (cont.)

◎Metal removal rate (acutal value)

80 mm diameter face mill (A7075) : 10200 cm3/min
25 mm diameter (A7075) : 10800 cm3/min

Standard high power spindle of 130 kW

Fast , agile liner axes

X axis 62700 mm/min
Y, Z axis 58000 mm/min
Acceleration 1G (X,Yaxis)

Main specifications

Travels (X×Y×Z) 4000×1500×1000 mm
Travels (A) 220 deg (±110 deg)
Travels (C) 360 deg
Size of pallet 3500×1500 mm
Maximum workpiece weight 3000 kg
Spindle Speed 500 - 33000 min-1
Spindle taper hole HSK-F80
Feedrate Rapid (X) 62700 mm/min
Feedrate Rapid (Y, Z) 58000 mm/min
Feedrate Rapid (A, C) 9000 deg/min
Tool storage capacity 120 tools

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