To our customers
January, 2009
Beware of Imitation Makino Spindle Lubricant
Makino Milling Machine Co., Ltd.
Cases of imitation Makino Spindle Lubricant have been reported selling in Asian market, causing dire effects such as damaged spindle and serious performance and accuracy problems to users.

There are currently two known types of imitation Makino Spindle Lubricants in the market. One is packaged in a red container with yellow and red logo and the words "MU YE GAO JI RUN HUA YOU" on the label. The other reuses containers of the original Makino Spindle Lubricant with imitation lubricant that has a different texture and is more yellowish.

Users are urged to be more vigilant when purchasing Makino Spindle Lubricant so as to avoid buying imitations as described above. Purchase genuine Makino Spindle Lubricant directly from Makino offices or through our authorised distributors.
Beware of Imitation Makino Spindle Lubricant