Notice about the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster and its aftereffects.
We express our deepest sympathy to all the people who have suffered from this disaster.
We also hope and pray for their earliest recovery in all the affected areas.
Below are the summarized recovery measures regarding the effects of the disaster on our company.
  1. Property damage and operating status
    • Although some items fell at our Sendai sales office during the earthquake, no damage to the building was found. Due to the aftereffects of the earthquake, our business activities were suspended for some time. However, we have resumed normal operations.
    • No damage was found to the facilities and the buildings at other sales offices and the production bases (Atsugi plant and Fuji Katsuyama plant).
  2. Regarding the rolling blackouts in the East Japan region
    Some of our production bases (Atsugi plant and Fuji Katsuyama plant) are listed as possible affected areas; we have reorganized our production time shifts to avoid any influences from the rolling blackouts.